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Ellenton Tapered Lava Planter Small BAG

Gorgeous tall and wide planters, great for small trees. These rustic pots are a full lava glaze of Boiling Pearl Blue.19H 15.5W 50 lbs


St. Petersburg Decor Planter XL AW

Lava glazed, egg shaped planter with a bold rim. Unique two tone with a rustic top and white glazed bottom. 18"H 23.5"W 95Lbs.


Botanical Bowl Pebble PLanter Medium N

Beautiful handmade stacked pebble stone planter. A unique piece to any landscape scene. 13H 24W 150lbs


Terracotta Grooved Zen Square MD

Terracotta Low square with grooves. 6.5H 11W 16 lbs


Terracotta Scalloped Decor Planter MD

Terracotta scalloped decor planter with large ridges. 14H 15.5W 30lbs


Terracotta Scraped Rectangle Medium

Terracotta window box planters with a scraped exterior. 8.5H 23.5L 30lbs


Terracotta Ribbed Egg Planter Sm

Traditional round shaped terracotta planter with a ribbed exterior. 9H 9W 9 lbs


Terracotta Scraped Square Planter SM

Tapered square terracotta planters with a unique scraped exterior. 11H 10.5W 20lbs


Terracotta Low Square with Thick Lip Medium

Terracotta square planter with thick lip. 13H 16W 35lbs


Premium Istanbul Cube Large R

Unique square shaped planters with rounded corners. Glazed in a lavish Red. 15H 14W 55lbs


Premium Barcelona Tall Oval Planter Large U

High-fired clay high oval pottery planter. Glazed in a Ultramarine. 32H 28W 120lbs


Premium Artichoke Planter Small GB

Simple round planter glazed in a Green Bronze with a subtle artichoke design. 11.5H 11.5W 35lbs

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