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Englewood Belly Fountain VFB

Beautiful lava glazed fountain with a lava glazed bowl. 40H 28.5W 200lbs


Premium Beverly Barrel Fountain LB

This beautiful fountain creates a visual statement with a solid glaze and unique wave patterns. 44H 28.5W


Open Mouth Lava Barrel Fountain Cobalt

Gorgeous half lava glazed fountain with a half lava glazed bowl. 46H 28W 200lbs


Tall Rectangle Small MB

Tall rectangle shaped planter, Glazed in Matte Black.13H 8W 19L 35lbs


Terracotta Scalloped Decor Planter Lg

Terracotta scalloped decor planter with large ridges. 18.5H 22W 65lbs


Lava Istanbul Cube Medium LA

Unique square shaped planters with rounded corners. Glazed in a rustic Lava Aqua. 10H 10.5W 30 lbs


Terracotta Tall Square Medium

Tall, smooth, terracotta square planter. 20.5H 10.5 W 32lbs


Terracotta Rounded Square with Thick Lines XSmall

Terracotta rounded square planter with sanded thick lines. 8H 8W 7lbs


Premium Coin Planter Large WRMB

High-fired rounded planter. Glazed In a unique white and red over milky blue. 18”H 18”W 60lbs


Premium Brussels Planter Large SFG

Tapered jar planter with a large rim. These planters have a unique leaf-like design around the top of the planter. Glazed in a unique sandy over falling green. 28.5h 25w 140LBS


Talavera Hexagon Planter Medium

Beautiful hand painted Talavera Hexagon shaped planters. 9.5H 9.5W


Premium Prague Planter Large LB

Round tapered planter with rim. Beautiful horizontal grooved pattern. Glazed in lava Black. 26H 22W 95Lbs

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